I understand that your career doesn’t start when you are looking for a new job.

That is why I work tirelessly and team up with industry leaders to bring you impact webinars to help you in the world of finance.

Below are  a catalogue of webinars that we have produced.

Covid Bounce back The Safe Way

Sarah Jane and I have teamed up to show you how to get your team back in the office. 

With things being uncharted, it is always good to get some practical advice  from someone who works in the health and safety arena.

Join us as we discuss the pitfalls and what the latest Covid legislation mean for your business.  

Combat Covid With Finance Automation

I teamed up With Paddy O’Neil from Spendesk to bring you this webinar on how you can automate boring and mundane processes in order to free your time to add value during this current crises.

This is vital right now as budgets have been stretched and the stress on the accounting team is eminence.