Introducing our Industry-Disrupting Accountants Acquisition System

We use our IDAAS Recruitment system to find you the top 10% of candidates who we consider Industry-Disrupting Accountants.

Our Systems can run 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Step 1:

Our process is integrated and we spend as much time to understand the role as we do to understand your business. Together we work out what the ideal candidate will look like. 

Step 2:

We understand what success looks like to you. We want to understand what you want to accomplish with your new hire and not just what skills you want them to bring with them.

We then work with you to understand why the top talent would want to work with you.

Step 3:

The IDAAS Recruitment System is put in to motion. Our system is designed for both Active and Passive candidates.

The top talent are not always actively looking for a new role. This is why we use a pioneering system to get them on board.

Step 4:

We personally screen any potential candidate. 

Having a discovery call with them we can work out if they are a good fit. 
We call it the “2 accountants having a chat” method.

Step 5:

We grade the Candidates on how well their screening went.

This goes beyond their qualification and is focused on their fit within the business.

Step 6:

The best candidates are sent to you for your review with an aim to get interviews scheduled as soon as nesserserry. 

We aim to have a quick turnaround and give feedback as quickly as possible. 
Our Candidates are never left in limbo.

Step 7:

Recruiting, Negotiating and Closing Offers. Do it right, most of this needs to be in job stretch and job growth, not compensation. Recruiting, negotiating and closing will focus more on career counselling and career opportunities, than selling.

Perm & Temp Search

We can help you with both Perm and Temp searches. Inside or Outside IR35.

Retained Recruitment

Our Systems can run 365 days of the year. Going retained gives you access to the best clients whenever you need them. It also means you are not penalised for offing the candidate a better salary.

Market Mapping

Want to know the size of the talent pools or salaries on offer in your specific region?No problem, book a Recruitment Strategy Call today by clicking the icon above.