Recruiting with the honesty of an Accountant

Recruitment can sometimes feel like the Wild West. It’s difficult to navigate especially as this is a big step for you. That is why we have brought our code of ethics from the accounting world. 

Working with us is quick and simple. Book a Candidate call with us, or submit your CV.

Book  a Call  to discuss our opportunities.

Submit your CV. We’ll call you with opportunities.


We will be straightforward and honest with you. We believe that giving you honest feedback is key to helping you grow as a person.


Giving you advice or putting you forward for a role based on merit. We won’t let bias get in the way of giving you a great service.

Professional competence and due care:

You will always get the professional respect you deserve. Our advice comes from our experience of working within Accounting. 


We treat all of our interaction with the up most confidence. You don’t have to tell anyone about your job search unless you want to. 

Professional behaviour:

We promises not to take part in anything that will damage your reputation or ours.