About Us

Mutual Recruitment​

You have the pick of any recruitment companies… But how do you find the right one?

From the very outset, we wanted to be different. We had the experience of working for other recruitment companies and wanted to add more of the good parts and non of the bad stuff. – You know the type of behaviours. Ignoring your calls when you are after feedback or only caring about your career to the point of getting a sale and ringing the bell.

That is why we built Mutual Recruitment from the ground up. With the honesty of an Accountant and the personal touch of a customer service agent.

We replace exaggerations with results, Over selling with over performance and will always give you the best service around.

Why Us?

We are an interdependent recruitment agency that has a distinct advantage over our competition. 

We have never worked in the sales department of a recruitment company.

Why is that an advantage?

Because we don’t sell, we solve problems.

We don’t judge ourselves on how many cold call’s we can make in an hour, or how many jobs we can get on the board. 

We judge ourselves on how many solutions we can find.

A job is more than just a salary for the employer and more than just someone to complete a process for the business.

We spend most of our time at work, so finding the perfect match is key.

That is why we look beyond the salary band, and find the perfect the best person for the best role.

Lee Shea

Having worked in every accounting role possible, I ended up working for a well established recruitment agency. I was able to see first hand the mindset  of the “Traditional” Recruitment agency.

I felt it was all backwards. The end goal was to get paid and ring that bell. With very little consideration for the Client or the Candidate. 

KPI’s were based around how many calls you made and how many miles you racked up in meetings.

I knew there was a better way. 

Coming form an environment that relays on quality over quantity, I was able to bring that to my company. Give a better quality of service to both Candidate and Client.

I know exactly how to manage ambitious accountants. After all, I have been married to one for 7 years! 

Having worked in recruitment, I enjoyed the buzz of finding a real gem. Hearing the hiring managers glowing review, and then passing that feedback on to the candidate was the best feeling ever.

When becoming a part of Mutual Recruitment, I wanted to put in place a promise to both our candidates and our clients.

Having open and honest agreements with you, means we can offer a consistently high quality of service for years to come. 

Vikki Shea